Facts & Statistics To Help You Understand Why The "Women In 40s" Niche Is So Lucrative And Why Most Online Marketers Are Missing OUT BIG TIME... UNTIL TODAY and our Completely Done-For-You "Women In 40s" Business In A Box! 

Women 40 and older control net worth of 25 trillion and own more than 80% of the US nation's financial wealth! (source: Mass Mutual Financial Group)

85% of all consumer purchases are made by WOMEN, including everything from Auto to Health Care! (source: Greenfield Online)

40-45+ women are educated, a high income and make 95% of the purchase decision for their households (source: Karen Vogel, The Women's Congress)

83% of the GEN-X Moms (born between 1965 and 1979) believe technology helps them achieve a better work / life balance compared to 78% in general (SheKnows, November 2013)

They spend 3 hours a day online (source:Edison Research & Arbitron, May 2013), 

79% use Mobile to access social media, while 44% have made a purchase on their smartphone within the past week (source:Babycenter, Jan 2014)

92% pass along information about deals or finds to others (source: Mindshare, Ogilvy & Mather)

77% use social networking sites and Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are the 3 most popular sites amongst over 40s demonstrating healthy social lives and a willingness to actively stay in touch and make new connections with old friends. (source: getmemedia & MEdiaLab - Audience Insights)

81% are interested in health and seek information on keeping healthy (MediaLab)

OK, I Guess You Get The Point: Enter One Of The Most Profitable & Evergreen Niche With Our Completely Done-For-You Portfolio of Blog, Review Websites, Optin Pages, Video Squeeze pages, Landing pages, Completely Operated And Monetized On Your Behalf.   
85.96%* Of Affiliate Marketers Rely on Obsolete Marketing Technologies AND Fail. InstAffiliate Provides A Proven To Convert Content & Conversion Platform So That You Can Start Making Commissions Easily By Licensing Our Entire "WOMEN IN 40s" Online Business.
Patent Pending Application Number: 62104707
* AffStats 2015  Survey conducted amongst 2350 affiliates worldwide. 85.96% of affiliate marketers don't earn more than the average median household income in the US.

Monthly Plan
$39 per month
One Time Payment
$69 one time
No need to download anything. Completely web based & mobile friendly!
How Does The Instaffiliate Women In 40s Pack Work?
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Your Own Internet Business In A Box
What if you could put your hands on your own Internet Business In A box that can generate a sustainable passive income for you?

What if it was completely done, operated, hosted, marketed and monetized for you?

What if you could license my entire Women In 40s business WITHOUT paying any licensing fee or royalties?

And what if we would even train you and teach you the best traffic methods to get started (social media, social stacking, Facebook, media...)?

Don't you think it could make a difference and help you achieve your dreams?

Now, I want you to imagine if

- you did not have to research a market

- you did not have to understand your audience

- you did not have to write any content

- you did not need to research and create products

- you did not need to create great looking blogs

- you did not need to create high converting review pages

- you did not need to create lead generation pages

- you did not have to create your own lead magnet and free offers

- you did not need to write any sales page

- you did not need to provide customer support

- you did not need to pay for hosting or autoresponder

- you did not have answer live chat questions of your visitors

- you did not have to write and send one single email

- you did not have TO WORRY about anything!

With Instaffiliate Women In 40s Edition, this is a dream come true.

It does all the above (and more) for you. You just have ONE simple task to complete and you're in business. And in one of the fastest  growing and valuable industry!

And the process to get started could not be easier:
Step 1: You create your Intaffiliate account
Step 2: You enter your Clickbank ID
Step 3: You send traffic to ONE link 

Then, our Instaffiliate engine will
- Monetize all your traffic
- Continusly monetize your leads 

So that:
We do all the work and YOU collect the commissions on complete autopilot! 

It sounds magical, and to some extent it is. But there's a hell of a technology supporting this easy process. And we've invested close to $200k to build it from the ground up. (research, developers, writers, graphics, copywriters, video graphists, marketers, funnel experts who've worked in the past 18 months to bring this system to life)

And to be fully transparent:
- this is not a piece of software. It's an entire portfolio working
for you, operated on your behalf, and earning you commissions.

- this is a complete Affiliate marketing game changer. You've been
used to send traffic to one affiliate product and hope for the best.

Not anymore with our proprietary Content & Conversion platform

By sharing ONE simple link, you're in fact:
- promoting more than 50 pages of high value content

- promoting more than 40+ products on Clickbank

- generating leads in 5 different related niches  

- earning commissions on both physical products and digital products
- providing a great experience to your visitors by giving them access
to all the resources they need inside your entire portfolio

In a nutshell: You're giving away highly valuable content and you will earn lifetime commissions on whatever they buy inside your portfolio of 40+ income streams.

It's that simple. You give something away (and this industry is loving the content we've created for you) and you earn commissions passively whatever they buy!

Does it work?

We have hundreds of success stories and you can check some testimonials below, and we would like you to be our next one!

So pick your plan below and get Instant Access to Your Own Internet Business
Monthly Plan
$39 per month
One Time Payment
$69 one time
Let's Recap What's Included In This Package 
Components #1 to #7: One Main Blog + 6 Satellite Review Websites
But That's Just The Beginning 
Components #8 to #13: You Also Get 6 Plug-n-Play Video Squeeze Pages giving away Physical and Digital Products.

Each video is hand crafted, professionally voiced over and scripted by a professional copywriter. Headlines have been split tested to ensure the highest conversion rate possible... The production cost of these Video Squeeze pages (if you would like to get them created just for you) would be $1500+.
And We're Not Done Yet: you get the matching 6 Pre-Selling Video Pages
That's Our Complete Women In 40s Business In A Box. Yours Today!
Instaffiliate - Women In Their 40s Pack - Lifetime Deal
Or Pick The Monthly Plan And Join Women in 40s  Now For $49 / month! (it's the same exact package, except that you would pay monthly instead of one time)
Instaffiliate - Women In Their 40s Pack - Monthly Plan
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Conversion Paths VS Sales Pitch

Customers have changed and you can no longer send untargeted traffic to blatant sales pitches. This used to work a decade ago. Not anymore. You need to use well crafted conversion paths that will qualify your visitors, provide the content they're looking for, engage them, build rapport, turn them into followers and finally into customers and ambassadors. Instaffiliate does it all for you on complete autopilot!

The Leading Digital Marketplace

Your InstAffiliate website is powered by Clickbank, the leading Digital Marketplace. It's the Amazon of Info product. 

Trusted By 21'100+ Online Marketers In 2016!
More Testimonials From Our Great Customers Below...

InstAffiliate Perks & Benefits

It's a 1-click System but here's what happens in the backend while you sleep...
Responsive Design
Visitors using their mobile phone can easily order from your Instaffiliate links.
Get Paid Worldwide
Wherever you live and wherever your visitors are, you can use Instaffiliate, earn commissions and get paid. No restriction.
Less Than 30 Seconds to Get Started
Our onboarding experience is second to none. Login & Get the Links to your fully operational and monetized affiliate website.
Unlimited Visitors
We manage your website, the hosting, your list of subscribers, we make sure you can receive as much traffic. We monetize your traffic and your list.
We Do The Selling For You
You have nothnig to do. We write the content for you. We optimize the website for you, the follow-up emails. You don't have to sell or support customers AT ANY TIME.
24/7 Chat Support
You'll get access to our premium support, to tutorials and trainings. Instaffiliate could not be simpler to use, but we're still there to help you!
Bonus #1 : Affiliate Marketing Mastery Video Course (retail value: $97)
Bonus #2 :  Intensive 3-WeekTraining Program (official retail value: $497)
Getting Started With Instaffiliate Women In 40s Pack Is Easy
You can secure your spot for just a ONE TIME FEE Of $39 (Lifetime Access)
Monthly Plan
$39 per month
One Time Payment
$69 one time
Patent Pending Technology Disrupts The Affiliate Marketing Industry & Set A New Paradigm Once For All!
Trusted by 21,091+ users
Proven to work
Amazing support

Video Tutorials, Training & Webinars Included!

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100% Risk Free!
30-Day No Question  Money Back Guarantee
You can secure your spot for just a ONE TIME FEE Of $69 (Lifetime Access)
Monthly Plan
$39 per month
One Time Payment
$69 one time
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